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This Week in the PSC

This Week in the PSC (02.02.16): Why Impasse? Why Now?

Apr 11, 2016

PSC in the News

Here is the newspaper and blog coverage of the Union’s response to CUNY’s Impasse Declaration: AFT News, Kings County Politics, Metro, PoliticoNY, PoliticoNY (Pro), Staten Island Advance (front page), Times Union.
Sharon Persinger, treasurer of the PSC, is a guest on this episode of “The Radical Imagination.” Her portions focus on the treatment of adjunct faculty and the PSC contract campaign.

Why Impasse? Why Now?

In her message about CUNY’s Declaration of Impasse sent to PSC members Friday afternoon, President Bowen said, “…If there is an impasse in contract negotiations, it has been created by management…Should a mediator be assigned, we will do our utmost to make mediation productive. But a declaration of impasse also has the potential to create enormous delay…The PSC is adamantly opposed to anything that would slow the resolution of the contract. Management may have the luxury of enjoying their large salaries while waiting for a raise, but we do not.” Read the full message.

Stay Up To Date on the State Budget Campaign

In a breakthrough for the PSC, Governor Cuomo included in his budget proposal a line-item for $240 million “to support retroactive salary increases needed to ensure fair and affordable agreements with CUNY’s labor unions.” The proposal is complicated, however, because it is linked to a massive proposed cut in State funding for CUNY and a call for the City to make up the difference. The Governor almost immediately issued a “clarification” that the cost-shift “won’t cost New York City a penny.” We have from now till April 1, when the final budget is due, to gain support in Albany for a final budget that includes both the $240 million for retroactive raises and an increase in overall State funding.
Bookmark the PSC 2016 State Budget Campaign webpage, and visit it for campaign updates, statements and budget documents. The latest post covers NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer’s state budget testimony last week. An analysis Comptroller Stringer shared with the Legislature shows that CUNY would have $637 million more in state funding on hand today if the CUNY budget had grown at pace with the state budget over the past seven years.

Lobby With the PSC and CUNY Students

This year more than ever, we need you to sign up to help your colleagues and CUNY students make the case for CUNY in Albany. Faculty, staff and students are the best advocates for the University because they speak from personal experience about the triumphs and challenges of working and learning at CUNY. That’s why the PSC is partnering with NYSUT and United University Professions (UUP) and with student organizations like NYPIRG and USS to organize meetings with lawmakers in Albany. Please sign up today. Transportation, food and hotel costs for the NYSUT Higher Education Lobby Day (Feb. 24-25) and the NYSUT Committee of 100 (Mar. 7-8) are covered by NYSUT. Members can also make the round trip to Albany in one day with students on the buses for the Thurs., Feb. 25 Student/Faculty/Staff Higher Ed Action Day.

Spring 2016 Adjunct Pay Dates

For the Spring 2016 semester, teaching adjuncts are scheduled to be paid on eight successive pay dates. At the senior colleges, the first pay date will be Feb. 18 and the last pay date will be May 26. At most community colleges, the first pay date will be Feb. 12 and the last pay date will be May 20. Kingsborough CC, LaGuardia CC and Guttman CC have different pay dates because they operate on a different academic calendar. The dates are posted here on the PSC website.

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