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This Week in the PSC

This Weeek in the PSC (11.19.12): Post-Sandy Bank for Annual Leave │ Reappointment Notification Deadlines

Nov 19, 2012

Post-Sandy Bank for Annual Leave

In response to the impact of Superstorm Sandy on many of its employees, CUNY has announced a policy permitting each college to set up an emergency Annual Leave Bank to which full-time salaried CUNY employees (both instructional and classified staff) who accrue annual leave (not full-time teaching or counseling faculty who have a designated annual leave period) can donate up to 5 days of their accrued annual leave.

Full-time and part-time/hourly CUNY employees who do not have sufficient paid leave to permit them to stay on payroll and deal with emergency conditions resulting from Superstorm Sandy are eligible to apply for up to 5 days of paid leave from this emergency Annual Leave Bank, including employees in adjunct and CET titles who do not normally accrue annual leave. Leave from this Annual Leave Bank can be used from November 1, 2012, through February 28, 2013.

Go to your HR Office or to this link for more details and for forms to donate or to apply for leave.

Reappointment Notification Deadlines for Adjuncts and Full-Time Faculty

For many members of the instructional staff, the time when colleges send out notices of reappointment and non-reappointment is approaching. Notice of the decision for full-time faculty in their first full year of service must be received by April 1. For full-time faculty in subsequent years of service, notice of decision must be received by December 1. Adjuncts must receive written notice of reappointment or non-reappointment by December 1 in the fall semester and May 1 in the spring semester.

If you are due notice of reappointment/non-reappointment by the December 1 deadline and do not receive it, please notify the union. If you are notified that you have been denied reappointment, contact a grievance counselor immediately. (Here is a list of PSC’s contract enforcers.) Under the terms of the PSC contract, grievances relating to reappointment must be filed within 30 days, excluding Saturday, Sundays and legal holidays. Union grievance counselors can guide you through your college’s appeals process and file a grievance.

Save these Dates for Advocacy Trips to Albany

Planning for the PSC’s 2013 State budget and legislative campaign is well underway, and the spring calendar is filling up with actions that you can take to help the union have a strong voice in Albany. PSC is already signing up members to attend one or more of three annual advocacy days cosponsored by our statewide affiliate, NYSUT:

  • First Committee of 100 Advocacy Day–March 4-5
  • Higher Education Advocacy Day–March 11-12
  • Second Committee of 100 Advocacy Day—May 13-14

Transportation, food and housing costs for these Albany trips are covered by NYSUT. Contact Amanda Magalhaes ([email protected]) to sign up to participate. Stay tuned for more updates about student/faculty/staff advocacy days and PSC chapter-based visits to legislators in their district offices.

Union-Made Thanksgiving Eats

Happy Thanksgiving from the PSC! If you still have some shopping to do for a holiday meal, visit this link on the PSC website for a union-made thanksgiving shopping list, courtesy of Labor 411 and the AFL-CIO.

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