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Solidarity Statement with University and College Union Strike in the UK

Mar 08, 2018

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The Professional Staff Congress, the trade union of 30,000 faculty and professional staff at the City University of New York, salutes our colleagues of the University and College Union on strike to defend their pensions, and expresses our warm solidarity with their struggle.

A strike is always an expression of courage, and of the conviction that not only are workers worthy of a decent wage and retirement income, but that we must exert union power also for the good of our students and the working class as a whole.

This is true across all borders—which academic thought transcends—so we in New York City honor your union strength, your students’ support, and the aims of your strike. You inspire us.

May you win! And may all academic workers continue to challenge the neoliberal university, which is a site of struggle and in which our thought and action may count in all workers’ struggles across the world.

Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
AFT Local #2334

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