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Save our schools! Make a call to stop Albany’s tax cap disaster!

Jun 02, 2011

The New York Times called Albany’s property tax cap plan a “cheap political tool…that will only further devastate communities.” Despite the Times’ editorial and dire warnings from teachers, parents and school districts across the state, the Assembly has introduced a tax cap bill similar to flawed legislation that was passed by the Senate in March and is supported by the Governor. If passed in its current form, Albany’s tax cap legislation would be devastating. Combined with this year’s $1.3 billion cut in school aid and several years of cuts to education, a property tax cap of this nature would lead to the elimination of needed programs, even more overcrowded classrooms, and thousands and thousands of additional layoffs. The impact on municipalities would also cripple many of New York State’s community colleges.

NYSUT, PSC’s statewide affiliate, is fighting hard to block or significantly change the legislation, but the political situation is challenging and time is running out. We need every one of our members to pitch in to help get the job done.

Please dial 1-877-255-9417 to be connected directly to the governor’s office and to your representatives in the Assembly and the Senate. Urge them to say “no” to the tax cap bills, A-7916 and S-2706. Your friends, family and neighbors can make the call as well. We need every bit of help you can muster. (If you have a relationship with a legislator, a direct call to their office would be helpful too, but please also make a call via the number provided, so NYSUT can track the number of calls.) –Steve London, PSC First Vice President

Not sure who your representatives are? Go to, click on the large image of the phone, then click the blue “Not sure who your elected officials are?” link to get to the “Who Are My Elected Officials?” page. Members need to enter their zip code, then click “Look Up Representatives” to get the phone numbers. It’s as easy as that. While there, they should also take a moment to send the electronic letter to lawmakers.

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