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Research Foundation Central Office Workers Vote in Favor of Strike Authorization

May 25, 2023

Almost 80% of PSC members at the CUNY Research Foundation (RF) Central Office have voted in favor of strike authorization  rather than accept management’s offer on their latest contract. 93% of eligible members participated in the vote. The RF, admits they have the money to give our members larger raises–they just refuse to do so. Management has responded to the vote by taking the workers’ back pay off the table and refusing to continue bargaining.

The workers, who are unaffected by the state Taylor Law’s anti-strike provisions because they are not public-sector employees, are preparing for a possible strike. They organized a picket line  at the RF headquarters Wednesday, May 24 before their monthly all-staff meeting with RF President Hector Cordero Guzman. You can help today by sending him a message.

Click-to-tweet the following message or email a version of it to the RF president at [email protected]:

Published: May 25, 2023

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