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The PSC Stands in Solidarity with the Brave Teachers of West Virginia

Mar 07, 2018

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The Professional Staff Congress, the union representing 30,000 faculty and staff at the City University of New York, stands in solidarity with teachers and staff of West Virginia schools as you return to work today. We congratulate you on your victory and share your relief in being able to return to the work you love—teaching.

Like hundreds of thousands of other teachers and union members across the country and the world, the members of the PSC have been inspired by your action. And as fellow members of both the AFT and the NEA, we are proud that our contributions to the national teachers’ unions were a small part of providing support for your courageous strike.

We commend your imagination and unity in fighting back against the sacrifice of education to accommodate the state’s lucrative energy corporations. In militantly rejecting this assault on your schools and your students, teachers in West Virginia set an example for public-sector workers facing a similar onslaught across the country.

We especially commend your dedication to your students throughout the work stoppage, during which you found ways to replace the free school meals and other support your students would ordinarily have received. We know that the financial stress caused by a strike does not end on the day the strike is settled, and we are proud to ask our members to continue to contribute to your strike fund.

The PSC stands with our sisters and brothers in West Virginia and calls upon the wider labor movement to continue to offer support as the teachers return to work. Let your action be a model for the unified struggle we must undertake to protect and strengthen the union movement in the face of current attacks on us all.

Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
AFT Local #2334

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