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August 1, 2023

Letter: CUNY is a wise investment for New York’s economy

As a faculty member at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, I concur with comments made in your recent article, “Comptroller Brad Lander on the mayor's 'penny-wise, pound-foolish' budget," that CUNY should not be on the cutting block. Public higher education lifts all boats. Not just because it moves New…

July 1, 2023

CUNY Releases Strategic Plan with 2030 Vision

Looking ahead to next school and beyond, the City University of New York (CUNY) announced “CUNY Lifting New York,” a strategic plan that intends to transform CUNY into the nation’s foremost student-centered university system by the end of the decade. The plan, released June 28, outlines four main goals for…

June 28, 2023

CUNY to expand fully online degree programs: strategic plan

The City University of New York could offer hundreds of fully online programs by 2030, according to the public higher education system’s strategic plan released Wednesday. CUNY set a goal to offer 287 online certificates and degrees in the next several years for students who prefer flexible options because of…

June 8, 2023

Opinion: CUNY Needs Funding, Not Cuts

The mayor needs to look somewhere else to cut funding. Successful higher education programs should not be on the chopping block. As a career specialist working in CUNY’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) for the last 16 years, I am appalled almost every year when we have to come…

June 6, 2023

A Public Power victory in New York State

On May 2, New York became the first U.S. state to pass a major Green New Deal policy following four years of organizing by the Public Power NY coalition and allies. The Build Public Renewables Act (BPRA), now New York State law, empowers and directs the state’s public power provider—the…

May 30, 2023

Union sues CUNY over pension record failures

The Professional Staff Congress, which represents 30,000 faculty and staff at the City University of New York, has sued the public-university system over what the union claims is CUNY’s “repeated failure to deduct and submit employee pension contributions” in a timely manner. CUNY is, by law, required to deduct its…

May 25, 2023

How to Save a Community College

The City University of New York has long exemplified the teeming possibilities of higher education. Now its devotees are fighting for its survival.

May 21, 2023

CUNY must fix its pension mess: City University is being sued by its faculty for not correctly paying into the retirement system

I’m one of the hundreds of faculty and staff at CUNY who’ve learned in recent months that the CUNY administration failed to properly deduct and submit our pension contributions, shorting union members like me tens of thousands of dollars in retirement savings and putting our ability to retire at risk.…

May 16, 2023

CUNY advocates decry budget cuts, push for investment

Faculty, students and elected officials are urging the mayor and the City Council to reverse proposed budget cuts to the City University of New York and instead pump more money into the public university system. Mayor Eric Adams’ budget proposal calls for $41.3 million in annual cuts between fiscal years…

May 15, 2023

The CUNY Budget Saga Continues: State Increasing Funding While City Funding and Enrollment Decreases

In early February, CUNY issued a memo to the Presidents and Department Heads of all its 25 colleges, ordering each college to issue a hiring freeze and develop a ‘Savings Plan’ that includes a 5-6% cut for programs and activities. Since then, the state has passed its new budget plan…

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