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PSC Endorses Scott Stringer as Top Choice for Mayor

Apr 16, 2021

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Momentum for Scott Stringer Grows; CUNY Professors, Staff Endorse Comptroller as Top Choice for NYC Mayor

Using Ranked Choice Voting, Union Ranks Dianne Morales #2 for Mayor

New York—Last night (April 15), the 30,000-member Professional Staff Congress (PSC) announced that Scott Stringer is its top choice for New York City Mayor after a ranked-choice endorsement vote by the union’s Delegate Assembly. The faculty and staff union pointed to Stringer’s advocacy for a free and fully funded CUNY education and his record of support for workers’ rights and progressive causes.

Coming days after the current Comptroller was endorsed by the Working Families Party, the PSC endorsement shows growing momentum for Stringer’s campaign and a further consolidation of support for progressive mayoral candidates

PSC delegates voted to support public education leader and non-profit administrator Dianne Morales as their second-ranked candidate.

“The momentum in this race is shifting as New Yorkers realize that we need a mayor who has support from the growing Left in the Democratic Party but who also has the experience to run City government. Scott Stringer is that candidate; his progressive positions, his history of fiscal management and his workable plan for achieving a free and fully funded CUNY prove it. That’s why we are proud to give him the PSC’s top endorsement and that’s why we will work for him to become mayor,” said Barbara Bowen, President of the Professional Staff Congress.

“New York mayors have aimed too low on CUNY. If there is to be an economic recovery that does more than reinscribe systemic racism and inequality, a transformed and transformative CUNY must be at its center. Like Scott Stringer, Dianne Morales brings a challenging progressive agenda and a new vision for CUNY. That’s why the PSC is responding to the introduction of ranked choice voting by supporting Dianne Morales in the second-ranked position. What New York needs in this moment is deep, thoughtful investment in the people the city relies on—working-class people, essential workers, communities of color. Stringer and Morales share a commitment to work for that future, one in which all New Yorkers could thrive.”

Stringer, a graduate of CUNY’s John Jay College, has defended quality and affordability at CUNY since his days as a NYS Assemblymember. As Borough President, he allocated millions to help rebuild the University’s crumbling infrastructure. More recently, Stringer has put forward a $160 million plan to make CUNY community colleges free for all New Yorkers. He has also marched with the CUNY Rising Alliance in support of The New Deal for CUNY, state legislation that would set minimum staff-to-student ratios at CUNY while raising pay for adjunct faculty and restoring free tuition.

“I am honored to have the support of President Barbara Bowen and the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) at CUNY. Across the five boroughs, members of the PSC at CUNY are teaching, mentoring and supporting the next generation of New Yorkers. As a CUNY graduate, I know firsthand how CUNY drives our economy and creates opportunities for New Yorkers of all backgrounds to succeed — because my CUNY education prepared me for a career in public service. Together, we’ll deliver a New Deal for CUNY to invest in CUNY and our educators, so that our public colleges stay a monument to world-class public education for generations to come. I look forward to working closely with members of the PSC to make this happen and build a city for everyone,” said New York City Comptroller and mayoral candidate Scott Stringer.”

In March, as NYC Comptroller, Stringer released a report on CUNY graduates’ contributions to the state economy. The report found that CUNY graduates in New York State collectively earned $57 billion in 2019 and paid more than $4.2 billion in State income taxes. CUNY graduates earn tens of thousands of dollars more than comparable New Yorkers without a degree. At a key moment in the state budget process, Stringer’s report revealed why investment in CUNY is key to rallying the economy and tackling the racial and economic inequalities sharpened by the pandemic.

“CUNY is vital not only to our city’s recovery, but to future social mobility for our most impacted communities. My whole approach is lifting as we climb, and that’s what CUNY and its faculty and staff does. Our demands will be heard, we will free CUNY and we will secure investments in New York’s future – together,” said Dianne Morales, candidate for Mayor.

The union also announced endorsements of three more candidates for City Council today:

  • Adolfo Abreu, Council District 14
  • Ampry-Samuels, Council District 41
  • Ranti Ogunleye, Council District 49

The PSC is planning a vigorous get-out-the-vote effort for Scott Stringer and their other endorsees. The union has also endorsed Brad Lander for NYC Comptroller, Jumaane Williams for Public Advocate and 28 candidates for NYC Council.

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