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Adjunct Pay Dates

January 2024

Adjunct Pay Dates

Spring 2024

Thursday, February 8
Thursday, February 22
Thursday, March 7
Thursday, March 21
Thursday, April 4
Thursday, April 18
Thursday, May 2
Thursday, May 16

Friday, February 2
Friday, February 16
Friday, March 1
Friday, March 15
Friday, March 29
Friday, April 12
Friday, April 26
Friday, May 10

*This schedule does not apply to Kingsborough CC, LaGuardia CC and Guttman CC. These 3 campuses operate on a different academic schedule


Friday, March 15
Friday, March 29
Friday, April 12
Friday, April 26
Friday, May 10
Friday, May 24
Friday, June 6
Friday, June 21

Late Paychecks for Adjuncts

Inform your union chapter chair if you do not receive your pay on time.

Adjuncts have a right to be paid on time. But failure to pay adjunct faculty on time at the start of a semester has often been a problem at CUNY colleges.  CUNY has instructed college administrations to make “every effort…to ensure that adjunct faculty are paid on time,” and has circulated a list of “best practices” to ensure timely adjunct paychecks. The list includes a measure that had been urged by the PSC: designating a specific staff member to track adjunct appointments “before and during the beginning of a semester.” Read more in this May 2014 Clarion article.

Adjunct Health Insurance Enrollment Deadline: September 23

Adjuncts who are newly eligible or have regained eligibility for health insurance and supplemental PSC-CUNY welfare Fund benefits must submit completed applications/forms to the College Benefits Officer no later than 30 days from the first day of classes. This year, the deadline was September 23. Benefits will take effect the first day of classes. Eligibility requirements are detailed here, along with the list of required applications and documentation.

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