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We hope everyone reading this has been enjoying a productive and healthy summer–and getting a bit of well-earned rest and relaxation at some point within it! We are writing to bring you up to date on some union developments, and point your attention to some pressing issues you’ll hear more about from us soon.

First Adjunct Pay Dates

Fall 2022



*This schedule does not apply to Kingsborough CC, LaGuardia CC and Guttman CC. These 3 campuses operate on a different academic schedule


Read more for a full listing of all the fall 2022 and spring 2023 pay dates.

In a letter to PSC retirees on Monday, July 25, PSC President James Davis wrote:

"As you know, the proposed contract that the City and the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) agreed to last year with Anthem/Empire to administer retiree health insurance through Medicare Advantage Plus (MA+) faces a court challenge. I’m writing with an update not on the litigation itself, which is ongoing, but on the information that the Municipal Labor Committee provided last week about the status of that contract. Anthem/Empire has withdrawn and is no longer willing to administer the MA+ program. They asked the City and the MLC to guarantee a January 1, 2023 start date for the program. It was not possible to make that guarantee because of the pending litigation, so Anthem/Empire withdrew."

"Many of you know that the PSC was one of five MLC unions that opposed the MA+ contract with Anthem/Empire, and we continue to advocate for alternatives to MA+...."

But, he added:

"...many MLC unions remain committed to an MA+ plan in some form, even if it is not with Anthem/Empire. It is likely that MA+ is still on the table...."

A Message to PSC Delegates
President James Davis
July 12, 2022

Dear Delegates,

I’m writing because you and your colleagues may receive an email from an anonymous group called “SAFE CUNY.” They are spamming people at their CUNY addresses, calling for my resignation as PSC President. They reference my testimony at last week’s City Council Committee on Higher Education hearing about anti-Semitism at CUNY. This is a distraction from the critical work we do at the PSC, but delegates should be aware in case you get questions. Anyone who wants to know what actually happened at the hearing can view my full testimony here (beginning around 4:54). It includes an exchange with a MAGA Republican member of the Council who was trying to extract from me, as she had just done with CUNY representatives, a denunciation of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign against Israel or a full-throated endorsement, and I was not willing to engage in that disingenuous exercise.

Read more.

PSC President James Davis and CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez met at CUNY Central on June 29th to sign the Memorandum of Agreement formalizing the collective bargaining agreement for CUNY Research Professors. Members of the Research Professors’ Bargaining Committee were in attendance.

The contract with CUNY was ratified—with a 100% yes vote!—in early May. The vote set a PSC record for participation: 96% of eligible members voted. The agreement was then approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees on May 16.

June 24, 2022

The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade is the greatest setback to women's rights and reproductive justice we have seen. Organized labor must stand unequivocally with pregnant people and defend their right to make their own reproductive choices and control their own bodies. As a nationwide movement, unions must fight to protect access to abortion. And we must commit to the kind of deep organizing that can reverse the decades-long conservative attack on our court system, our bodies and our politics. In the interest of our students, our members, and all working people, the dangerous, aggressive advocacy of this Supreme Court must be challenged.

In solidarity,
James Davis, President
Andrea Vásquez, First Vice President
Felicia Wharton, Treasurer
Penny Lewis, Secretary

Dear PSC Member,

The PSC filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of New York State in Manhattan, challenging the legality of the COVID-19 vaccination policy as CUNY has applied it.

A major change in Teaching Adjunct rates of pay is coming this fall. To ensure that you receive every increase to which you are entitled if you are teaching next year, it is important that you check your current hourly rate and payroll history now.

Dear PSC Members,

I hope this finds you well as the end of the semester approaches.

Like many of you, we are alarmed by the rapid resurgence of COVID-19 in New York City and concerned for the health and safety of our students, colleagues, and families. The PSC has consistently advocated sensible mask-wearing indoors at CUNY during the pandemic, regardless of vaccination status. We recognize the tradeoffs with respect to comfort and ease of communication, but also know that safety is paramount. On Tuesday, I contacted Chancellor Matos to strongly urge that mask-wearing be required once again at CUNY...