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Nearly Lost My Health Benefits 2 Semesters in a Row

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My biggest issues are the limit on how many credits we can teach and the fear of losing health benefits and classes since they are offering fewer courses each semester. I have had to deal with class cancellations due to low enrollment and nearly lost my health benefits 2 semesters in a row. at the last minute I was able to pick something up to avoid that, but the limit on the hours we can work (9 credits) per institution and the type of courses available in my dept limits me to just 7 hrs each semester (2 courses; one is 4 cr one 3 cr.) I used to have 3 courses, but since they restricted us to 2 courses or 9 credits, and they no longer offer the 2 credit course I had taught, I now get 6 or seven hours.

I have not been able to get work at other CUNY colleges and even if I could I do not want to run around and I do not understand why we cannot teach as many courses as need filling at our college. I think that adjuncts who have been there longer should have priority based on seniority and we should be given at least 9 credits each. Now, the most one gets is 2 classes (6 credits).

There is no impact on my performance because I always give 100% no matter what the circumstances, but I do think we need more office hours. One hour a week is not enough to deal with all the issues. I end up spending hours at home emailing students and preparing for the classes. And this does not even include grading. I really feel we should get lots of hours for prep. I always have to scan and photocopy on my own time because we just don’t get enough office time to do these things. I cannot even fathom getting another job because of all the demands on my time that teaching has.

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