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My Mind is Swirling With Too Many Hypothetical Situations

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I have so far been very lucky with my appointments. I have usually been able to get the number of classes that I want per semester. I understand that this may not always be so. My wife and I (with two kids) are in the process of buying a Co-op Apartment in Queens. For the first time, I am very nervous about my employment situation. I am sure the Co-op Board is not going to be pleased that I only work part-time. I usually make around $20,000 a year – they will worry that this, along with my wife’s income, will not be enough to cover mortgage and maintenance payments, as well as any assessments. They will also ask how permanent my employment situation is. What can I tell the Board? I can lose my job at any time and then my family will have to depend exclusively on my wife’s salary. Due to the unpredictable nature of my work, it is very likely that we will not be approved to buy a Co-op. Renting in my neighborhood may also not be an option – rents are approaching $2,500 for a two bedroom apartment. I feel like Herman Cain – my mind is swirling with too many hypothetical situations, making it hard for me to make a decision that can benefit my family.

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