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Home » Minutes CCNY Chapter Meeting March 20, 2014 .

Minutes CCNY Chapter Meeting March 20, 2014 .

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Full house again, including many new faculty and staff.

Alan started the meeting welcoming everyone and made the following announcements:

* Contract status – CUNY contract will be much later than others, over 150 city wide, as we have to negotiate with the CUNY Board, the City and the State. Non-salary issues have been in process since the mayoral elections.

• Pathways – one of our lawsuits has been dismissed and our union is deciding the next course of action. There is continued opposition and PSC-CUNY is seeking stories from faculty on problems they and their students have been facing.

• The new chancellor has been selected and we await his arrival.

* CCNY, like other CUNY campuses, has started to institute on-line course

CUNY First

Celia Lloyd presented an update on the implementation of CUNY FIRST: time line dates; problems and advantages; faculty, advisors’ and departmental staff functions. The process has been difficult but most colleagues have seen the inevitability and are working to make the transition as effective as possible….for our students.

Training sessions are in effect to acquaint faulty and staff with the new system. The SIMMs system is off, and Spring 2014 grades will be through CUNY FIRST.


Our next Labor-Management meeting is set for March 24th: Our proposed agenda was shared with everyone and the floor was opened for suggestions and issues to be raised. Colleagues from the floor wanted to raise concerns about:
• math adjuncts teaching jumbo classes without compensation in their pay
• the unfriendly and rigid nature of timesheets being required of all staff
• the dirty and unhealthy physical conditions of our buildings, especially after the winter storms
• the lateness of notice to faculty on teaching loads, courses and hours

Next PSC-CUNY meeting, Thursday, April 24th @ 12:15 p.m.

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