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Home » Minutes: CCNY Chapter Meeting April 24, 2013

Minutes: CCNY Chapter Meeting April 24, 2013

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We had a good turnout with over fifty people attending, but many new faces.

Alan welcomed everyone to the spring meeting. Announcements were made on impending budget cuts of 3-4%; agreement with administration to have faculty with 2 votes on the CCNY Review Committee; 30% drop in masters’ enrollment; less freshmen(women), but transfer numbers are up.

Carla shared our union-sponsored discussion of NYC mayoral candidates’ debate; shared with people the victories in promotion and tenure appeals through administrative negotiations.

Susan reported on current contract negotiations; some positive movement in release time for childcare, but salary issues still on hold until after the mayoral elections.

Geniece announced the recognition-celebration of Administrative Professional Day for acknowledging the critical work of our professional staff.

Ruben updated us on the always pressing adjunct issues –- adjunct heath coverage has been extended through the end of June with the hope that the City and State will come to a final agreement. There is increasing uneasiness and discontent with adjunct faculty cuts in the CCNY budget.

A survey was sent out to about 100 full time and adjunct faculty and staff to solicit their opinions, views and ideas for our union actions and activities. Many good, helpful suggestions were made on how to improve and broaden this effort.

The educational campaign and struggle against the imposition of Pathways has reached another level. Two legal suits have been filed challenging the legality of Pathways. Editorials, articles, meetings, posters, and petitions are all being circulated to make colleagues and students aware. PSC is conducting a secret ballot vote on no confidence in Pathways through the American Arbitration Association.

The main focus of this session was a report and discussion led by Iris DeLutro, the PSC-CUNY V.P. for Cross Campus Units. Iris focused her presentation on current issues and struggles of CUNY staff. The floor was opened for questions and discussion and the rest of the session turned into an animated, lively and very informative session.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Our next and end of the academic year meeting and celebration will be in NAC 4/220B on Thursday, May 23rd at 12:15 p.m.

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