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Maintaining a "Positive Perspective"

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I have taught for 15 years here. Anonymous due to the impersonality of behavior of institution towards me and my excellent work (ALL evaluations excellent; one very good, because evaluator didn’t like the textbook). Was sent form letter of non-hire for the next semester–no one spoke to or with me personally, no notice from department, supervisor, chair. Made decision not to contest this. 1 week before the next semester, was sent a notice of “reinstatement”. No comment. 3. No impact on classroom performance…my students didn’t do this…totally enjoy students & teaching. Emotions fluctuated between ‘glad to be rid of…’ and ‘it will be ok, I can find other work…’ and ‘don’t be afraid, there will be other jobs where you will be recognized/acknowledged…’ etc. I always try not to be cynical about these matters…have worked on developing a positive perspective on life though at times it may be populated by thoughtlessness from others. I remind myself that I also have been thoughtless in my own life…

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