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Lack of Respect

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My major problem is the lack of respect shown adjuncts. The adjunct room can only accommodate 2 or 3 yet there are more than 40 adjuncts. No adjuncts meet with students despite the fact that we are paid to have office hours. There is a nice cafeteria but you never see adjuncts there and when you see full time professors there they don’t even acknowledge your presence; you are like kitchen help.

I just take it but it would be nice if adjuncts who teach 2/3rds of the courses were treated like you were part of the faculty team; I mean I teach what they do; I have a Ph. D and a wealth of business and teaching experience while most of them have only academic experience usually teaching one course again and again. They do provide a certain amount of security; I have always been reappointed and I have not had a course cancellation in fact it is hard to cancel my course when they almost all contain 40 to 50 students. But seminars, dinners, talks, parties they invite you but they don’t want you there and you know it. It doesn’t affect my classroom performance but if students treated me like the FT faculty do I would quit in a NY second.

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