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UFS/PSC Conference about Pathways

The CUNY-wide discussions on resisting Pathways and developing alternatives to it continued on Friday, October 12 with a conference of UFS and PSC researchers. The gathering put the Pathways struggle in the context of a national push to corporatize universities. Transfer systems at other large public university systems were examined, the PSC/UFS Alternative to Pathways Working Group gave an update, and researchers presented their findings. One panel shared research debunking a major rationale for Pathways: that transfer problems are the primary reason some CUNY students accumulate excess credits. Click here to read the report.

The conference ended with PSC President Barbara Bowen explaining the union’s call for a moratorium on the implementation of Pathways. After the threatened reprisals at QCC and elsewhere, only a pause and “reset” of the Pathways discussion can allow the damage to academic freedom and open deliberation at CUNY to be repaired.

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