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Resolution on Pathways Transfers to the Grove School of Engineering

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Another college body has taken a stand against Pathways.

On May 9, 2013, faculty of the Grove School of Engineering (GSOE) voted unanimously for a resolution asserting their right to set admissions and transfer requirements. Here is the full resolution:

Resolution on Pathways Transfers to the Grove School of Engineering

May 9, 2013

Whereas the Grove School of Engineering (GSOE) has special entrance requirements to its degree programs,

and whereas the degree programs in the GSOE are ABET accredited,

and whereas students once admitted to the GSOE may transfer from one program to another,

and whereas the Resolution B.I.14 of the CUNY Board of Trustees, ‘On Creating an Efficient Transfer System’ (pathways), requires that for each major, a disciplinary committee establish a set of no fewer than three and no more than six courses that will be accepted as entry-level courses for that major, and that the status of these as major-entry courses be widely publicized at each college offering the major,

and whereas the GSOE reserves for itself the determination of transfer course equivalencies,

and whereas the Computer Science Department of the GSOE has been denied representation on the CUNY-wide Computer Science pathways committee,

be it resolved that:

1. No student may be admitted or can transfer to any program in the GSOE unless he/she has satisfied all the admission requirements to the School as specifically formulated by the GSOE Faculty;

2. The GSOE will award transfer credits from other CUNY colleges only to equivalent courses approved by its faculty. The GSOE will keep an updated list of equivalent courses in the Office of Undergraduate Affairs and will communicate the same to all CUNY colleges;

3.The GSOE Office of Undergraduate Affairs is authorized to issue, on behalf of the GSOE Faculty, the certificate of graduation only for students who have fully completed the graduation requirements, including authorized transfer credits, for the different degrees as approved by the Faculty of the respective departments of the GSOE.

Approved by unanimous vote of the Faculty of the Grove School of Engineering

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