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Home » Issues » Highlights: RF Field Unit Contract — 6/1/11 to 5/31/15

Highlights: RF Field Unit Contract — 6/1/11 to 5/31/15

1. These are FIRST contracts—one for each campus—finally settled to the satisfaction of the PSC bargaining teams. They codify terms and conditions of employment—economic and practices. They provide mechanisms for correcting problems and violations and will establish more respectful employment conditions.

2. The terms of the contracts are as follows:

a. Obligate RF to pay annual 2% wage increases per year for 4 years to everyone, plus a signing bonus;

b. Preserve health insurance coverage options for those eligible and establish gradual increases in employees’ share of premium cost instead of an immediate 8 percentage point increase to what other RF employees are paying now;

c. Insure accrual and ability to use annual leave, as well as the ability to carry accrued leave from one grant/appointment period to the next;

d. Provide tuition reimbursement for eligible employees for courses at CUNY;

e. Require either 2 weeks’ notice or notice pay if employee is terminated before end of appointment period;

f. Incorporate the other benefits (such as pension) and leaves from current policies;

g. Formalize a series of practices concerning terms of employment and labor/management relationships;

h. Provide complaint/grievance/arbitration and disciplinary procedures

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