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RSVP for Heath and Safety Rallies on Friday, January 28

Save Jobs, Save Lives, Save CUNY … From Itself

Friday, January 28

12:30PM at Medgar Evers College at Bedford Ave & Crown St
(2/3/4/5 trains to Franklin Ave-Medgar Evers College)

12:30PM at Bronx Community College at 181st St & University Ave
(4 train to Burnside Ave)

Only our coordinated collective action, at the college level and toward CUNY, has ameliorated the safety conditions and the Spring schedule problems resulting from management’s miscalculations. Let’s keep up the pressure this week!

Join PSC members and allies as we rally at campuses over the coming weeks – starting on the first day of the semester. We will call for accountability for health and safety and for no class cancellations or layoffs, not only at these colleges, but across the whole university.

Let us know you’ll be there this Friday at 12:30 at either Bronx Community College or Medgar Evers College

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Write the Mayor and Your NYC Council Member! Urge Them to Reverse the Cuts to CUNY!