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PSC 2017 NYC Election Activities

On November 7th, voters will be electing New York City’s Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, City Council and Borough Presidents.

Voters will also decide if New York should hold a constitutional convention to rewrite our state constitution. The PSC strongly urges members to vote “NO!” vote on the Constitution Convention Ballot Proposal. Once every twenty years, New Yorkers choose whether to hold a Constitutional Convention to revise the state’ basic law. The PSC believes strongly that a convention provides an avenue to revoke public workers’ pension rights and other critical provisions. A convention, which would be held in 2019, is likely to become a taxpayer-funded boondoggle for special interests and corporate lobbyists to rewrite basic state law for their own interest.

Thank you for volunteering to phone bank for the November 7th election.

We will be adding dates and times below for phone-banking at the PSC office located at 61 Broadway New York, NY 10006 (16th Fl. Suite 1630). We will be calling our own members. You may select as many dates and times as you like.

Please click the “Virtual Phone bank” box if you plan on calling from home.

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