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Home » Issues » CUNY's 2017-2018 Budget Request, Oct 26

CUNY's 2017-2018 Budget Request, Oct 26

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The University Budget Request for FY 2017-2018 and four-year financial plan is posted here. In it CUNY requests a $221.4 million increase in total funding for senior colleges and community colleges in 2017-2018. $34 million of the new funding would come from tuition hikes; $65.5 million would come in the form of new State Aid and $121.7 million would be new City Support. Tuition hikes of $250 per year for the next four years are proposed for the senior colleges. Four years of $100 per year hikes are proposed for the community colleges.

The budget request calls for a significant increase in city funding for the CUNY senior colleges. Four years of efficiency savings totaling $75 million are predicted as well. State Base Aid to community colleges would be increased by $250 per full-time equivalent student under the plan. Investments in new full-time faculty, online education, and ASAP are proposed, along with extra funding for programs that promote student success and funding to allow faculty more time for mentoring, student and academic advisement, office hours, and research.

CUNY’s five-year Capital Budget request is broken down by campus here. For 2017-2018, the University identifies $1.3 billion in needed investments (bonded and hard-dollar) in expansion, upgrade, repair and maintenance of CUNY’s physical plant.

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