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CUNY Finally Announces Pay-Dates

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A message from President Bowen
September 1

Dear PSC Members:

CUNY management sent a message yesterday evening saying that they are “pleased to announce” pay-dates of October for the ratification bonus and no later than January 2017 for retroactive pay and payment at the new salary rates. They should be embarrassed, not pleased, to announce those dates.

CUNY’s announcement states that the dates were worked out “in consultation with the union leadership”: the union leadership was informed, not consulted, about the dates.

Even the current CUNY announcement, dissatisfactory as it is, was produced only after union pressure. During the summer, the PSC leadership repeatedly pressed CUNY management to act with more urgency to arrange for payments, but we heard nothing in response. Last week, PSC members sent more than two thousand messages to Chancellor Milliken. The messages finally produced movement, but the movement is too slow.

After waiting six years for agreement on a raise, CUNY’s overworked faculty and staff now have to wait an additional six months from the date of settlement to receive the money to which we are entitled. We have had to fight every step of the way for what we deserve. It is unjust that we have to continue to fight for what we have already earned. We are told on the one hand that our raises are the top priority of management and learn on the other that we must wait until 2017 for the largest part of the economic settlement.

While most of us understand that the calculations for such a large and complex group of employees take time, it is reasonable to expect to be paid at the new salary rates long before 2017. Many of us are counting on the money for urgent and long-deferred financial needs.

I am sure you will have questions about the explanation for the delay and the implications for your own case. Please address any questions to your college Human Resources Office. The PSC leadership will continue to explore every avenue for expediting the process.

Barbara Bowen
President. PSC

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