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Presidents' Day Demonstration to Defend our Contract!

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The CUNY administration is refusing to honor the contract they signed—again! First they laid off thousands of adjuncts, then they withheld our 2% raise, now they have said that they are indefinitely delaying payment of the $1,000 “equity raise” for Assistants to HEO that was supposed to show up in paychecks this week. And they’re also planning not to pay the equity raise for Lecturers due on April 1.

Enough is enough!

PSC members gathered for a short, loud, vigorous demonstration on Monday, Presidents’ Day, February 15, in front of CUNY’s central office on East 42nd St. & 2nd Ave to demand that Chancellor Matos Rodríguez reverse his decision and pay the equity increments agreed to in our contract.

This attack on some of the lowest-paid full-time professional staff is an attack on all of us. A majority of those in the aHEO title are women and/or people of color. The union negotiated the $1,000 annual increment specifically to narrow gaps in salary and address inequities of race and class. It’s outrageous that the CUNY administration is denying contractual funds to this group—while boasting about its diversity initiatives.

Spread the word on social media: #HonorOurContract

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@ChancellorCUNY said in Dec that @CUNY low-paid staff’s equity raises would be paid. The day before payday @PSC_CUNY hears he’s delayed them indefinitely. He should reverse this decision that affects mostly women & people of color. #HonorOurContract Pay our raises.

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