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Dr. Blanche Wiesen Cook Pathways Ad text

Protect the Quality of a CUNY Education.

I am a Distinguished Professor of History at the City University of New York, the author of a prize-winning biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. I am also a Hunter College graduate. I teach at CUNY because I believe a quality education should be within the reach of every New Yorker. I stay because I am inspired by my students.

It is critical that CUNY retain academic standards. That is why my colleagues and I oppose Pathways, the new core curriculum at CUNY. It means less time in writing classes, reduced foreign language study, and less rigorous basic science classes without lab work. It will weaken a CUNY education for the next generation. Pathways cuts costs by sacrificing educational excellence.

Listen to the faculty, CUNY: Don’t sacrifice quality.

Dr. Blanche Wiesen Cook

Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
[email protected]

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