The Department Gets Flexibility but the Cost is My Financial Insecurity

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I've taught as an adjunct at CUNY for the past 25 years and for half of that time it was my only source of income, currently it is my primary source of income. While I have come to depend on teaching 3 courses each semester and 1 over the summer to bring in enough money to pay my bills, for the past 3 summers my course was cancelled 1 week or less before it was to begin leaving with no income over the summer. One semester one of my three courses was cancelled, again leaving me short. In the back of my mind there is an anxious feeling that my income could be cut, and even worse my health insurance. This insecurity is always there and it is not reasonable. The department gets flexibility but the cost is my financial insecurity. The drastic difference between NO job security and tenure which is COMPLETE job security is strikingly unfair.