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New dues rates for retirees


The union’s delegates unanimously passed a resolution on June 20 changing the retiree dues structure.

Bill Friedheim, retiree chapter chair

Delegates agreed to “a modest increase for retiree full-time members from $71 to $85, and for the first time created a dues option for retired adjuncts with an annual rate of $40.

“Adjuncts who retire from CUNY are clearly in a separate category,” Bill Friedheim, the PSC retiree chapter chair, told Clarion. “Adjuncts, unlike other exploited full-time titles, don’t get health benefits when they retire, and most of them don’t have pensions.”

“The retirees chapter is very sensitive to the fact that we have not attracted many retired adjuncts to the chapter,” Friedheim told delegates. “We hope this will help.”


As the text of the resolution explains, “the Executive Board of the PSC Retirees Chapter has had substantial discussions about raising the dues and has conducted an informal survey of members…83 percent of those who responded to the survey indicated they were in favor of a dues increase.”

The vote took place during a special Delegate Assembly separate from the regular Delegate Assembly scheduled in June, as per the union’s constitution. This will be the first change to the retirees dues structure in nearly 20 years. The new dues structure will go into effect September 2019.

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