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Your personnel file


The PSC-CUNY contract (Article 19) provides for two types of personnel files for CUNY faculty and staff: a “personal” file and an “administration” file. The administration file is confidential, but you have the right to examine your personal file upon request. The PSC recommends that every employee – full- and part-time instructional staff, HEOs and CLTs – review and initial their personal file at least once a year to verify its accuracy.

Your personal file is the representation of your work and professional history at CUNY and is a record of all your contributions to your profession – you can and should submit documentation of your accomplishments to your file.

What materials go into my personal personnel file?

Annual evaluations, peer observations and student evaluations; mid-tenure reviews; curriculum vitae; reappointment letters. Also included are documents demonstrating scholarly work: agendas of conferences, publication offprints, articles submitted for publication or at press, etc. It should also have documents demonstrating service such as thank-you letters.

What materials should not be in my personal personnel file?

No document may be placed in your personal personnel file until you have been provided an opportunity to read its contents and attach any comments you desire. Initialing the document does not indicate that the employee approves or agrees with the contents of the document, simply that you have seen it. If the employee refuses to initial any document after having had the opportunity to read it, a statement to that effect may be put on the document before it is placed in the personal file.

How do I add documents to my personal personnel file?

Submit a copy via email to the person responsible for file maintenance. Keep the original in a file at home. You may want to respond to any negative documents that are to be placed in the file. Before responding to a negative document, such as an unsatisfactory annual evaluation, you should consult with a PSC grievance counselor.

What do I do if I find something in my personal personnel file that I have not already seen?

If you discover documents in your file that were placed there without your knowledge, request a copy of the document, make a note of the date and time discovered and contact a grievance counselor immediately. You have 30 working days to grieve.

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