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PSC elections – April 2018

Vote for union-wide officers

Voting for the election for the PSC Officers and Executive Board, as well as the delegates to the NYSUT and AAUP Conventions, will take place beginning on April 2 when the ballots are mailed and will continue until April 27. The ballots will be counted on April 30. Voting will be by secret ballot conducted by internet and by phone available 24 hours a day during the balloting period. There will be no paper ballot for this election.

Every eligible member will receive a pre-printed ballot with instructions and an individualized personal identification number (PIN). The PIN will be printed above the name and address on the pre-printed ballot.


To vote by internet, log on to the website of the American Arbitration Association. Enter in the space provided your PSC Organization ID (this ID will be provided on the pre-printed ballot sent to members). There will then be a cue to enter your PIN. The internet system will then provide instructions on how to cast your vote or how to cast a write-in vote.

To vote by telephone, call (toll-free) 1-866-458-9861. There will be a prompt to enter your PIN and to then press the pound (#) key. Then follow instructions for voting. The telephone system cannot accept write-in votes, so any member wishing to write in a candidate must vote by internet.

Editor’s note: What follows on pages 10 and 11, as well as the bottom half of page 9, of this newspaper are election materials provided by the one slate that is running in this general election. In accordance with PSC election rules, Clarion provides for equal access and space in this newspaper for all slates participating in a union-wide general election. While only one slate is participating this year, members are nevertheless encouraged to read through all the materials provided and to become familiar with the process.

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