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Mourning Pearlman, CLT activist


Alan Pearlman, a leader of the union’s College Laboratory Technicians (CLTs) chapter who served on the union’s executive council for six years, died unexpectedly this spring, leaving behind a legacy of fierce loyalty to the union and his fellow members. He was 67.

Union leader Alan Pearlman

Pearlman served in the psychology department at Baruch College, where, as his colleagues recalled, he offered leadership and helped build the PSC chapter.

“Alan began employment at Baruch College in 1972,” said his department chair, Jennifer Mangels. “When a distraught or confused student came to the office trying to figure out how to navigate the CUNY system, he used his years of expertise to help them find their way. ‘Another satisfied customer,’ he’d say with a big smile across his face, knowing he’d helped bring a student a little closer to graduation or at least to getting to their class. He also stood up in defense of students, faculty or staff when he saw something that wasn’t working and where attention was needed. As department chair, I knew that if he came to me to alert me of a problem, it was something where I should put some thought.”

PSC President Barbara Bowen said in a message to members, “He took an expansive view of his job description as chief CLT and served as a trusted adviser to students and members of the Baruch community. Almost single-handedly, Alan sustained the faculty chapter at Baruch in the interim between chapter chairs, and then he helped the current chair, Vince DiGirolamo, to build new leadership. He was a leader and mentor among CLTs, conscious of the needs of the whole union membership.”

Albert Sherman, PSC chair for CLTs, told Clarion, “Alan was a dedicated colleague, not only to the CLT chapter and to the union, but on a personal level. Alan and I went back a very long time, we were personal friends. He’d give you the shirt off of his back and he would never say the word ‘no’ to anyone. He had no bad bone in his body.”

People can donate to a scholarship in his name by mailing a check to BCF/Alan Pearlman Memorial Fund, Attn: Nicole Souza, 1 Bernard Baruch Way, New York, NY 10010.


“Tears come to my eyes hearing about Alan’s death,” said Baruch retiree Jackie DiSalvo. “I only really met him later in the Delegate Assembly (DA), where he participated so fully. In fact, we only have a Baruch chapter again, after a few years in abeyance, due to Alan’s determined efforts to revive it. Given his sincerity, warmth and enthusiasm, who could turn him down? He did live to celebrate the fruits of his efforts in the full chapter meetings this year.”

DiSalvo added, “Solidarity was his mode of being.”

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