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March for science, and the planet


PSC members were among the throngs of demonstrators in the streets of Manhattan on April 22 for the March for Science, a demonstration against the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to scientific research and its policy of rejecting established science regarding climate change.

Protestors took part in the March for Science.

“I’ve been aware of this climate change situation for quite a while,” said Adam Koranyi, a retired mathematics professor from Lehman College, who marched. “It’s just that if you have eyes, and you see the blind man going to fall into a deep ditch, then you have to try to stop him. That’s my attitude.”

He added, “It looks to me that we’re running towards a catastrophe, and if you see that, then you have to do something.”

Unionists joined environmental groups and other science advocates to protest the administration’s deep cuts to agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health. The administration is widely seen as a friend of the fossil fuel industry.

As this newspaper went to press, union members were are also participating in the April 29 People’s Climate March in Washington, DC.

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