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Major features of the settlement

  • Salary increases of 10.41 percent for all titles by April 2017
  • Fully retroactive raises, effective from April 2012
  • Increased funding to Welfare Fund, allowing for improved dental benefit
  • Commitment to reduce the teaching load for full-time faculty by three hours before the end of next round of negotiations
  • Three-year appointments for adjuncts with consistent teaching service in a single department
  • Accrued sick days for adjuncts on multiyear appointments
  • Changes in HEO reclassification guidelines
  • Opportunity for HEOs on top salary step in all but highest title to apply for additional $2,500 on base salary
  • Elimination of one-year waiting period for graduate employees to qualify for adjunct health insurance
  • Major gain in annual leave equity for full-time faculty librarians
  • Annualized salaries, health insurance and accrued sick leave for CLIP and CUNY Start instructors
  • Pilot programs to expedite grievance and discipline procedures
  • Refusal to concede to management demand for unlimited annual appointments for non-tenure-track full-time faculty
  • In a separate agreement: pilot program for limited new positions with higher overscale salaries and new full-time positions for current adjuncts

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