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Digital TRS data


This spring, CUNY and the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) will launch a new data-sharing capability, enabling TRS access to an automatic data transmission feed, an enhancement the union has sought for many years.

“For the first time, the process of transmitting demographic, salary and certain data for CUNY employees to TRS will be automated,” read a statement from the pension system. “The new feed will help TRS process pension data for employees faster. For instance, eligible full-time employees will automatically be registered as TRS members 30 days after their appointment data (unless they have opted to join TIAA).”

It continued, “Both the Partner Portal and CUNY data-sharing program will allow member data to be processed more quickly, more accurately and in a standard format…which will greatly reduce possible deficits in their pension contributions, as well as lessen the potential for errors and omissions.”

Jared Herst, the union’s coordinator for pension and health benefits, said, “This is a big win for CUNY, for the PSC and for our members in TRS. It should allow people’s employment information to be electronically transmitted between their employer and pension system.”

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