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Strike authorization vote


The PSC strike authorization vote will be conducted from Monday, May 2, at 12 noon through Wednesday, May 11, at midnight (for Internet and telephone voting). The vote will be administered by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in accordance with the terms of the PSC Constitution. Members can vote by Internet, by telephone or by mail.

Those who are members in good standing for at least four continuous months are eligible to vote, so those who were PSC members as of January 2, 2016, and continue to be employed by CUNY, are eligible to vote (per Article III, Section 5 of the PSC Constitution). Retirees not currently employed by CUNY are not eligible to vote; neither are Research Foundation employees.

Voting instructions (for all modes of voting) and a mail ballot, as well as an individualized PIN number to use when voting by Internet or by phone, will be mailed by AAA to all eligible voters for delivery by May 2. That same day, AAA will also send an email blast to all members containing their PIN.

Help Available

If the PSC does not have your updated mailing address or email address, please contact the PSC Membership Department as soon as possible at 212-354-1252.

Eligible members who for unforeseen reasons have not received a ballot in the mail by May 2 should call the PSC in order to receive a duplicate PIN for Internet or telephone voting.

The mail ballots will be counted on the morning of May 12, and the results will be announced later that day.

Limited space for observers will be available. Those interested may contact Barbara Gabriel.

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