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How Is Pathways Affecting You and Your Students?


Despite CUNY central administration’s recent announcement that some changes in its Pathways curriculum must be revised in large part because of intense and sustained faculty criticism, the most harmful provisions of Pathways remain in place. This announcement was joined to the central administration’s declaration that Pathways will be assessed.

If review of Pathways is to be thorough and unbiased, however, it is essential that it reflect the concrete experiences of those “on the front lines” – the faculty and staff who work with CUNY students every day. It is for this reason that we are requesting that you weigh in on your experience with Pathways. How has Pathways affected the particular courses you teach or programs with which you are familiar? How is Pathways affecting your students? You can describe your experiences with Pathways online.

With a new chancellor about to take office, with evaluation of Pathways in progress, it’s an important time to speak out about how Pathways is affecting your work and your students’ education. Please click here and add your voice.


For more Clarion coverage on Pathways, read personal testimony from PSC members at a City Council hearing, learn what elected officials and union leaders said at the hearing and find out about the status of lawsuits.

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