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Letters to the Editor


School Bus Drivers’ Strike

When it comes to school buses, do you think that the cheapest driver is the best driver – no matter how inexperienced, tired or stressed out they might be? If that’s your view, then by all means don’t support the school bus drivers’ union in its strike to maintain seniority protections.

But if you’re a New York City public school parent, and it’s your child on that bus, you may want seniority to count for something. You may not want to put a low-wage, high-turnover workforce behind the wheel. If you think union busting is bad for our kids’ safety, call Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott and tell him.

Kristin Lawler,
Assistant Professor
College of Mount St. Vincent [and former member of the PSC]

Concurs with the kudos

Reading in the January 2013 Clarion about the accolades the paper has received during 2012, I must agree. Of the three union publications that I receive, it is the only one I read cover-to-cover. Clarion’s staff deserves the honors!

Paul Sheridan,
Brooklyn College (retired)

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