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Labor In Brief


Judge Rules Against Prevailing Wage

A State Supreme Court judge has overturned a prevailing wage law the NY City Council enacted last year over a mayoral veto. The law was expected to boost wages for service workers in buildings that receive government subsidies. In his ruling, State Judge Geoffrey Wright said precedent required him to rule that the state’s minimum wage law trump the prevailing wage law. However, Wright added, “This court does not see wisdom in the mayor’s zeal for welcoming… a business that would pay its building service employees less than the prevailing wage.”

Fast-food Strikes Expand to Seven Cities

Thousands of fast-food workers in seven cities went on strike July 29, demanding a living wage of $15 per hour. With walkouts in Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Flint, Michigan, and New York City, it was the largest round of strikes in the fast-food industry since the one-day strikes first kicked off in New York last November. In New York, more than 100 workers marched on a McDonald’s at Union Square calling on the restaurant to “super-size” their wages. For more, see

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