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Adjunct Health Care Update


The Trustees of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund voted in September, 2012 to extend adjunct health insurance for one additional month while a comprehensive proposed agreement is under final review. Coverage for eligible adjuncts under the terms currently in place will continue through October 31, 2012, and will be provided through the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund.

“Significant and rapid progress was made in September,” PSC President Barbara Bowen told Clarion. “I am grateful for adjuncts’ patience while we have worked to negotiate the fairest possible terms for future coverage. All of us on the bargaining team know this has been an extremely stressful time.” The goal remains to negotiate health insurance comparable to the current insurance, with no break in coverage, Bowen said.


The Trustees’ vote means that both eligibility and coverage for adjunct health insurance are still unchanged. Newly eligible adjuncts can and should sign up for coverage without delay. (Click here for eligibility details.) “There is no waiting, assuming you meet the eligibility requirements,” said PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Executive Director Larry Morgan. Earlier this semester, at least one college had told adjuncts incorrectly to wait and sign up for the new plan. “We got that corrected from the top down,” said Morgan. “We have told CUNY that any new enrollments should in fact be given top priority.” Morgan asked any adjuncts who are eligible for the current plan but have been discouraged from signing up to contact the Welfare Fund at 212-354-5230.

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