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New PSC Election Rules Approved


In September 2011, the Delegate Assembly approved a revision of the PSC’s election rules to improve the transparency and accountability of the nominations process. The new rules ensure that all candidates have given prior consent to their nominations and that petitioner signers know the names of the candidates they are supporting. In order to implement these revisions, we’ve had to move the election calendar forward.


Under the new rules, candidates for PSC offices, and NYSUT/AFT and AAUP delegates, will have to submit a signed declaration of candidacy to the PSC central office. Declaration of candidacy can be submitted as early as December 1, 2011, but no later than January 9, 2012. Slate or caucus candidates should submit their declarations through their slate or caucus designees. Petitions with the names of all candidates will then be made available in print or electronic form by January 30. (For other election dates and deadlines, see the election announcement published in the November 2011 Clarion.)

In addition to the above, the revised election rules include a number of other changes to simplify language, improve clarity and accuracy, take greater advantage of digital communications and clarify the handling of challenges. To find a copy of the new election rules and a suggested form to use to declare candidacy, click here.

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