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PSC Chapter Election Results


The PSC’s Spring 2011 chapter elections favored continuity over conflict. Each candidate ran unopposed, and 11 of the 12 candidates for local union chapter chair were incumbents seeking re-election. The New Caucus, which won the last union-wide elections in 2009, fielded nine slates, and the other three slates included many New Caucus supporters.

The low-key voting nonetheless brought some new blood into local union office: more than half the posts were filled by people new to that position, about one-quarter of whom had not held local office in the previous term (2008-2011). Alan Feigenberg of City College is the one new chapter chair.

PSC elections occur on a three-year cycle. Union-wide elections, for principal officers and the union’s Executive Council, will be held in Spring 2012, with half the chapters holding local races in 2013, and the other half – the same chapters that had elections this year – following in 2014.

“I think the biggest task is to increase the number of people in our chapter who are really active,” said Sharon Perinsger, union chapter chair at Bronx Community College. “Most people I talk to have positive feelings about the PSC, and I want to encourage them to take the next step.”

The names of those elected follow below, with those new to their position listed in italics.

Baruch College: (New Caucus Slate) Chair, Peter Hitchcock; Vice Chair, Gail Graves; Secretary, Stan Wine; Officers-At-Large, Frank Cioffi, Gayana Jurkevich, Glenn Petersen; Delegates to the DA, Bryant Hayes, George Hill, Stan Wine; Alternates to the DA, Sultan Catto, Abdullah Tansel, Clarence Taylor; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, George Hill

Bronx Community College: (BCC New Caucus Slate) Chair, Sharon Persinger; Vice Chair, Sharon Utakis; Secretary, Nikos Apostolakis; Officers-At-Large, John Athanasourelis, Nicole McDaniel, Suzan Moss, Vrunda Prabhu; Delegates to the DA, Leonard Dick, Claudio Mazzatenta, Alex Wolf; Alternates to the DA, Nikos Apostolakis, Simon Davis, Nicole McDaniel; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, Laroi Lawton, Okena Littlehawk

Brooklyn College: (New Caucus Slate) Chair, Scott Dexter; Vice Chair, Alex Vitale; Secretary, Karl Steel; Officers-At-Large, James Davis, Joseph Entin, William Gargan, Joseph Wilson; Delegates to the DA, Alan Aja, Joseph Entin, Darryl Kenneth Estey, Jean Grassman, Priya Parmar, Timothy Shortell, Jocelyn Wills; Alternates to the DA, David Arnow, Carolina Bank-Munoz, Miranda Martinez, Martha Nadell, Greg Smithsimon; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, William Gargan, Irene Sosa

City College: (New Caucus Slate) Chair, Alan Feigenberg; Vice Chair, Philip Barnett; Secretary, Susan DiRaimo; Officers-At-Large, George Brandon, Michael Green, Hope Hartman, Alice Baldwin-Jones; Delegates to the DA, Philip Barnett, George Brandon, Alice Baldwin-Jones, Kathy McDonald, Ruben Rangel, Gordon Thompson, Joshua Wilner; Alternates to the DA, Susan Besse, Carla Cappetti, Joseph Davis, Susan DiRaimo; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, Alan Feigenberg, Ruben Rangel

CUNY Central Office: (Central Office United Slate) Chair, Gregory Dunkel; Vice Chair, Julio Caragiulo; Secretary, None; Officers-At-Large, None; Delegates to the DA, Bernadette Thomas, Lucy Scalici-McIntyre; Alternates to the DA, Julio Caragiulo; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, Olga Vega, Deborah Hairston

Hostos Community College: (Defending Union Rights/Defendiendo Lo Nuestro Slate) Chair, Lizette Colón; Vice Chair, Craig Bernardini; Secretary, Ernest Ialongo; Officers-At-Large, Andrew Hubner, Hamide Laucer, Rupert Phillips, Olga Steinberg; Delegates to the DA, Andrew Hubner, Olga Steinberg; Alternates to the DA, Rupert Philipps, Elizabeth Tappeiner, Diva Weiss-Lane; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, Edwin Diaz, Paula Korsko

Hunter College: (New Caucus Slate with the exception of Sándor John, who ran as an independent) Chair, Tami Gold; Vice Chair, Tom Angotti; Secretary, Blanca Vazquez; Officers-At-Large, Jennifer Gaboury; Delegates to the DA, Jennifer Gaboury, Harriett Goodman, Tim Portlock, David Winn, Sandor John; Alternates to the DA, Michael Perna.

John Jay College: (New Caucus Slate) Chair, Carl Williams; Vice Chair, Nivedita Majumdar; Secretary, Bonnie Nelson; Officers-At-Large, Angela Crossman, Andrew Karmen, John Pittman, Francis Sheehan; Delegates to the DA, Avram Bornstein, Holly Clarke, Jay Gates, Nivedita Majumdar, Peter Mameli, Catherine Mulder, Paul Narkunas, Daryl Wout; Alternates to the DA, James Hoff, Bonnie Nelson, Gerald Markowitz, John Pittman, Karen Okamoto; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, Judith Coverdale, Dan Pinello

LaGuardia Community College: (LaGuardia New Caucus Slate) Chair, Lorraine Cohen; Vice Chair, Daniel Lynch; Secretary, Sigmund Shen; Officers-At-Large, Evelyn Burg, Michael Frank, Karen Miller, Eduardo Vianna; Delegates to the DA, Timothy Coogan, Francine Egger-Sider, Daniel Lynch, Sigmund Shen, James R. Walker, George Walters; Alternates to the DA, Nancy Berke, Denise Carter, Michael Frank, Karen Miller, Laura Tanenbaum; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, Melanie Abreu, Terry Parker

Queens College: (New Caucus Slate) Chair, Jonathan Buchsbaum; Vice Chair, Hester Eisenstein; Secretary, Roopali Mukherjee; Officers-At-Large, Alyson Cole, Julie George, Keena Lipsitz, Richard Maxwell; Delegates to the DA, Ann Davison, Hester Eisenstein, Hugh English, Keena Lipsitz, Diane Menna, Francois Pierre-Louis, Manny Sanudo, Abe Walker, Jack Zevin; Alternates to the DA, Mary D. Diaz, Jennifer Eddy, Duncan Faherty, Julie George, Jeff Maskovsky, Bette Weidman; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, Ben Chitty, Marci Goodman

York College: (New Caucus Slate) Chair, Janice Cline; Vice Chair, Steven Weisblatt; Secretary, William Ashton; Officers-At-Large, Denise Agin, Linda Michelle Baron, Charles Coleman, Lou D’Alotto; Delegates to the DA, Jean Francois, Shirley Frank, Eric Metcalf; Alternates to the DA, Lidia Gonzalez, Scott Sheidlower, Dorothy Staub, Eva C. Vasquez; PSC-CUNY Welfare Advisory Council, Stephen Barrera, Sherrian Grant-Fordham

College Lab Technicians (CLT): (College Lab Technicians Slate) Chair, Albert Sherman; Vice Chair, Alan Pearlman; Secretary, Amy Jeu; Officers-At-Large, Jacqueline Elliott, Terry Parker, Alberto Rivera, Bob Suhoke; Delegates to the DA, Sharif Elhakem, Amy Jeu, Okena Littlehawk, Camille McIntyre, Fitz Richardson; Alternate to the DA, Lee Cambridge, John Graham, Joy Johnson, Henry Wang

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