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Campus Contract Meetings: Budget Battle Looms Large


The PSC leadership is meeting with local chapters across CUNY throughout the Spring 2011 semester to discuss the status of contract negotiations and how the outcome of current budget battles in Albany and at City Hall could affect the union’s ability to win a fair settlement. Dates, times and locations of upcoming meetings are here.


Research ready: Ajamu Sankofa (above left) of the Murphy Center makes a point during the March 9 HEO contract meeting at the Graduate Center while Jill Humphries (above right) looks on. Humphries said she would like to see the PSC do more quantitative and qualitative research into issues that affect members including the bullying of HEOs. “We need a better understanding of what HEOs are experiencing so the union can take more effective action to help them,” Humphries said.

05-IMG_4605-QCC-A.Prado_.jpgThe money is there:
After attending the March 2 campus contract meeting at QCC, CLIP instructor Anthony Prato (above) told Clarion he was inspired to do something he had never done before: write letters to his elected representatives urging support for CUNY. “There’s more than enough money out there,” Prato said. “The problem is that the State government is afraid to tax the rich.”

05-lehman17-T.Murphy.jpg05-gradcntr15-G.Pacifici-Elejalde.jpgGetting students involved:
Theresa Murphy (left), an adjunct lecturer in African American Studies at Lehman, and (right) Geniece Pacifici-Elejalde, a HEO from City College, speak at recent contract meetings. “We should be talking about how to get students involved. They are a part of this too,” Murphy said of the union’s efforts to mobilize opposition to proposed state and city budget cuts.

Richard Yuster (right), a professor of electrical and computer technology, urged the union to use its new website to disseminate more information about member benefits. The benefits PSC members receive – from health care and pension benefits to professional development grants to disability and death benefits – are negotiated during bargaining as part of members’ compensation.

05-IMG_4613-QCC-W.Gordon.jpgQCC on the move: Wilvena Gordon (above, at right), a lecturer in the Basic Educational Skills Department at QCC, makes a point during the March 2 contract meeting. According to QCC Chapter Chair Judith Barbanel, the large turnout from QCC at the PSC’s Lobby Day in Albany was sparked by the discussion at their chapter meeting which encouraged faculty and student participation. “Defending CUNY during this budget crisis has brought the college community together and has given students the opportunity to experience the democratic process firsthand,” she said.

05-lehman12-M.Philipp.jpgAt Lehman:
Manfred Philipp (above), professor of biochemistry at Lehman, speaks during the March 7 contract meeting at the school. Philipp, a former chair of the University Faculty Senate, is the PSC grievance officer at Lehman.

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