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Home » CCNY Minutes – 1st Chapter Meeting Spring 2014

CCNY Minutes – 1st Chapter Meeting Spring 2014

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CCNY PSC-CUNY Chapter Meeting
Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alan welcomed everyone back for the spring 2014 semester and opened some discussion about the continued opposition to, and ongoing litigation against Pathways in process. Union pressure and legal action have removed a few of the most rigid aspects of Pathways, but much more needs to be done. Pathways is opposed by the vast majority of faculty at CUNY.

Prof. Toni Griffin was introduced as an architect. He’s the director of the J. Max Bond Center for Design at CCNY, and the recent director of the Detroit Works Project. Toni gave a PowerPoint presentation with a history and overview of Detroit, the devastation incurred over the last 30 years, and the attempts at a revitalization.

It was an excellent and greatly appreciated presentation that led to a lively discussion.

Announcement of the new CUNY chancellor, James Milliken, from the University of Nebraska. He attended NYU Law School, worked at the ACLU and Legal Aid Society and opposed a Nebraska initiative barring the state from using affirmative action in hiring, contracting & admission decisions.

We started a discussion on the development of MOOC’s at CCNY and throughout CUNY – its implications pedagogically and issues of decision making policy.

There were many questions & much discussion of a new contract – salary negotiations are just getting started. The contracts for the nurses and the UFT will “set the trend.”

Questions were raised about difficulties of students transferring between majors and leaving CCNY in frustration.

While struggle is ongoing, and the union movement is facing stronger opposition in several states, there is cause for some optimism. New York Tech, after 16 years won equal conditions for its full-time faculty equivalent to other senior colleges in CUNY.

NYU graduate adjuncts & research assistants voted 620-10 to form a union.

Susan informed us of a series of union-sponsored and supported trips to Albany to put pressure on the state legislature and governor to increase funding for CUNY, to push for a strong contract, and to support NYC Mayor’s proposal for raising taxes on the upper echelons to support universal pre-kindergarten in New York City.

We were updated on the campaign at CCNY and all over CUNY to get administration to relook at the rigid and degrading time sheets that have been put into place.

Discussion was opened for suggestions for the upcoming labor-management meeting. Issues were:

  • Concern about the lack of staff to keep our facilities clean. Some called it “shameful!”
  • Concern raised by adjuncts concerning the increased sizes of classes and a lack of pay to reflect this additional work and responsibility.
  • Concern about the lack of health care coverage availability for adjuncts.
  • Concern questioning the money coming out of the welfare fund and justification for its use.

Next meeting
Thursday, March 20th,12:15 p.m.
NAC 4/220B

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