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Rally | April 4, 2024 · 11:00 am12:00 pm

“Stand against Budget Cuts and Course Size Increases” Rally and Community Assembly

1st Floor, NVC

“Stand against Budget Cuts and Course Size Increases” Rally and Community Assembly

Thursday, April 4

11:00 am – 12 Noon

1st Floor, NVC


In March 2024, the Baruch administration announced that it would be cutting a significant number of sections taught by adjuncts in Weissman Departments, including in two of the main public speaking classes, COM 2020: Introduction to Business Communication; and COM 3021: Professional Speech Communication; it also raised the enrollment cap in ENGL 2800/2850: Great Works. As a result of these cuts several adjunct faculty members will lose class sections, with at least one potentially losing their health insurance. As all of these courses are regularly filled to capacity, potential students from the prematurely canceled courses will be absorbed by remaining sections of these classes whose enrollment caps will be significantly increased.

The Baruch PSC Chapter Campus Action Team opposes these cuts. Economically, they endanger the livelihoods of our members. They also add significant responsibilities to those instructors who will absorb the students from canceled sections. Symbolically, they paint a much different depiction of Baruch College than the triumphant vision offered by the administration. Most importantly, they take away opportunities for students to receive more individualized instruction in critical areas necessary for their careers.

We are calling for a Rally/Community Assembly from 11-12 on Thursday April 4th at the bottom of the escalators on the first floor of the Newman Vertical Campus. You will hear more about the negative impacts of these decisions as well as how we can fight back.

Published: March 27, 2024

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