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Chapter Meeting | February 5, 2024 · 1:00 pm3:00 pm

Retiree Chapter Meeting

Monthly Chapter Meeting

February Chapter Meeting – Monday, February 5, 1 pm


Our featured speaker will be Manny Ness, professor of political science at Brooklyn College and international scholar and activist.  He will discuss his book: Migration as Economic Imperialism: How International Labor Mobility Undermines Economic Development in Poor Countries. The book demonstrates that migrant workers are necessary for rich countries yet they are under threat by the rise of populism and xenophobia. It is based on 10 years of research in origin states and destination countries—including Nepal, Moldova, Vietnam, Malawi, El Salvador and Western Europe, North American and key destinations in the Global South, the Arab Gulf States, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Japan—and brings a labor union perspective.

The talk will discuss the recent migration wave in New York and the U.S., budget cuts, growth and regrowth, and the rise of intolerance.

Healthcare update, as necessary.

For registration information, contact [email protected].




Published: January 23, 2024

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