No One Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution: Films from Occupy Wall Street (So Far)

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Friday, December 16, 2011 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

On the eve of the three month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, PSC is hosting a film viewing of a collection of impressive, objective, thoughtful, occasionally artful, of-the-moment film and media from the 99%. There will be an introduction and a discussion to follow, about the role of media in social justice movements, the emergence of crowd-sourced documentary films, and so on. Some featured filmmakers and video journalists will be present.

Curated by Nick Shimkin, Artistic Director, City University Film Festival
Produced by Adele Pham, filmmaker and editor

The program includes short documentaries from Occupy Wall St, as well as Portland and Oakland, plus clips from Barcelona and London. Some featured filmmakers will be in attendance to discuss their work. There will also be a brief discussion on the role of media in people's movements, the emergence of "crowd-sourced" documentary film, and more.

Why Don’t You Join Us (MK12 Productions, 1min)
Right Here All Over (Alex Mallis, 7min)
Occupy Poetry (Dan Sauvage, 1min)
Nobody Can Predict the Moment of Revolution (Iva Radevojevic, 8min)
Occupy The Hood (Adele Pham, 3min)
Consensus (Meerkat Media, 8min)
Occupy the D.O.E. (Meerkat Media, 5min)
Why Occupy Portland? (Softbox, 7min)
Occupy Economics (Softbox, 3min)
The Council of Elders Stand In Solidarity With OWS (Beloved CC, 5min)
Queen Mother of Harlem (Adele Pham, 4min)
reOccupy Oakland #11/11 (Adele Pham, 7min)
Occupy Wall St. 2001 (Martha Colburn, 4min)
The Eviction of Zuccotti Park - Nov 15th 2011 (Laura Newman, 4min)
Occupy Our Homes: Homeowners Speak Out (Messiah Rhodes, 6min)
Occupied Barcelona: The Spanish Election Rejection (Brandon Jourdan, 5min)
Molly Shapes History - #Occupy LSX (You and I Films, 4min)
Homeless Family Occupies Foreclosed Home in Brooklyn (Inside Story) (The Yes Lab, 5min)

Total program: approx. 85min

As a global movement, we're happy to share stories that highlight oppression in disparate parts of the world. In this spirit, we'll also be joined by filmmakers Sara Nodjoumi & Till Schauder, who will present a trailer for their upcoming doc The Iran Job and briefly discuss their kickstarter campaign.

Friday, December 16, 6 pm, PSC Union Hall, 16th floor, 61 Broadway. Snacks and wine provided.

Presented with PSC-CUNY's Labor Goes to the Movies committee

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