Annual Retiree Chapter Winter Luncheon.

Event Date: 
Monday, January 7, 2019 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm


NO MORE SEATS FOR JANUARY 7th LUNCHEON. In the past, we’ve enlisted a Pulitzer Prize winner and best selling authors as speakers. But never has there been such a rush for reservations. Well over one hundred have sent checks and made reservations in just a blink of time – less than three weeks. Normally, we promote our luncheons and open reservations over an eight-week period.

Regrettably, we have to close reservations. If you want to be wait-listed, fill out the reservation form, write “wait-listed” and mail it to the PSC, but do NOT include a check. (

We will investigate the possibility of taping and making available as a video Benjamin Carter Hett’s talk on the downfall of Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler.

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DeathOfDemocracy.pngWhither Democracy? In his highly acclaimed new book, Benjamin Carter Hett concludes with this sentence, “We who come later have one advantage over them [Germans in 1933]: we have their example before us.” Hett, who is professor of history at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center, has written a compelling study of the rise of Hitler and downfall of the Weimar Republic, The Death of Democracy. It’s a book of particular interest to our members not only as retired academics, but as active citizens of contemporary America – a United States, which while in many respects profoundly different, is nonetheless framed by similar themes (nationalism, partisan polarization, political propaganda, demonization of the “other,” attacks on a free press, a larger–than-life political leader, etc.). As our luncheon speaker, Hett has a richly-textured story to tell about a topic that is both timely and important.

Thanks to Joan Greenbaum and Andrea Vasquez, the PSC’s First VP, we have secured space at a new luncheon venue, one familiar to many of us, the CUNY Graduate Center. It’s more convenient to mass transit and affordable, as we’ll be charging $26 a person. Space is limited, so make your reservations early. Click HERE for a reservation form. CUNY. Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street, Ninth Floor, Room 9204-7, 12:30 – 2:30 pm.

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MENU: one entrée per person

--Grilled Sirloin Steak, Crispy Mushrooms, Roasted Shallots
--Roasted Salmon, Braised Fennel, Orange ,Dill
--Sautéed Chicken Breast, Ponzu, Winter Radish
--Grilled Tofu, Crispy Mushrooms, Roasted Shallots

All entrées come with:
--Rolls & Artisan Breads
--Quinoa, Green Beans, Toasted Pistachios, Parsley
--Grilled Green and White Asparagus, Lemon Zest, Olive Oil

--Savoy Spinach Salad, Grape Tomatoes, Cucumber Shredded Carrot, Balsamic Vinaigrette
--And Assorted Miniature Tarts
Assorted Beverages (Soda & Water)
, Coffee (Regular & Decaf), Tea, Condiments

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365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street/ 9th floor (Room 9204-7)
CUNY Graduate Center