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Dedicated Sick Leave Agreement–April 2010

The PSC and CUNY have negotiated a Dedicated Sick Leave program allowing eligible participants to donate and receive sick days in cases of serious injury or illness. The program arises from a PSC contract demand and fulfills a commitment made in the current contract to negotiate a Dedicated Sick Leave program modeled on the City of New York’s program. Negotiations continue on allowing part-time employees to receive donated sick days, and to create a Sick Day Bank, on which individuals could also draw. The new program covers full-time instructional and classified staff at CUNY and, in a first, was jointly bargained by all the unions representing affected staff at CUNY. Full-time faculty and staff can donate and receive leave from their PSC colleagues, and also from department secretaries and custodial workers.

The program’s eligibility requirements are based on the City’s program, and are specified in the full text of the agreement. To receive dedicated sick leave, a full-time employee has to have been employed at least 2 years at CUNY and have an illness or injury requiring an absence of at least 30 continuous working days. Employees with fewer than 5 years of service may donate only annual leave. Employees with 5 years or more may also donate up to 10 sick leave days per year. Annual leave is credited to a recipient as a full day; sick leave is credited to a recipient as a half day.

College HR Offices are responsible for implementing this benefit; contact your HR Office for more details.

Click here for the agreement.

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