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Appointed Classes Reduced From 3 to 1 at York

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Prior to the Fall 2013 semester I was asked to teach three courses at York. Unfortunately, our program had been hit hard by Pathways initiation which readjusted our classes from a required core curriculum to a flexible core. We expected enrollment to be reduced but we were truly surprised that it was immediately cut in half.

The three classes I was originally appointed to teach were reduced to one. This amounted to a total hourly teaching reduction from 150 hours to 45 hours per semester and a pay reduction from $9,726.00 (including office hour payments) to $2,917.80. To make matters worse for the first month and a half of the semester I was being paid as though I were teaching the originally appointed three classes. This amounted to $874.64 every 2-weeks deposited into my checking account.

However, since my teaching had been reduced to only one class this was a gross misrepresentation of what I was actually earning every two weeks. Suddenly and without any notice or warning my pay was drastically reduced to a bimonthly $71.60! Although I anticipated that my pay check would be reduced I had expected to at least have been forewarned that the payments I had initially received would be so drastically and suddenly cut. Needless to say this situation has added additional stress of needing to either borrow money or to quickly find an additional source of work outside of teaching to get by.

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