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Elections 2020: Volunteer and Vote

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This is THE presidential election of our lives and we need your help to elect Joe Biden for President. Public higher education, New York City, our students, our country cannot survive another four years of a racist and deceitful Trump Administration. We need an undeniable election in favor of the Biden/Harris ticket to get Trump out of the White House. Here are ways to help lead the path to a winning Biden/Harris ticket:

RSVP for the PSC’s Elections 2020 Debrief, Tuesday, November 10, 6:30PM, on Zoom.

Register here to join other PSC members in making calls to battleground states. We’ve organized phone banking sessions twice a week until the election.

As part of its Labor Votes! Campaign, the New York City Central Labor Council has several swing state phone banking opportunities, including calls to Florida on Thursday evenings and to Spanish/Bilingual voters.

Pledge to vote on the Working Families Party line and help mobilize others to do the same. It’s more important this year, not just because we need to show Biden and Harris a strong vote for public higher education and policies that improve our CUNY communities, but because the future of the WFP is at stake. For WFP to remain on the ballot in future elections, it need 130,000 votes in November. By voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the WFP line, you amplify the power of your vote!

Key Elections in New York.

Stalwart PSC and CUNY supporter State Senator Andrew Gounardes (Brooklyn 22nd District) is in a tough battle against an opponent supported by many pro-Trump voters. Let’s make sure PSC has Senator Gounardes’ back by signing up to phone bank on the following days:

It’s imperative to keep Democrat Max Rose in Congress’s 11th district that covers parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Congressman Rose, the son of a PSC member, won this traditionally Republican seat last election and is in a hotly contested race. Register here to volunteer to keep Congressman Max Rose in Congress.

Before heading to the polls, check out the list of endorsements from the PSC’s statewide affiliate, NYSUT here.

Early Voting and Absentee Ballots

You don’t have to wait until November 3 to vote. You can vote early at certain polling sites in your NYC neighborhood, in Westchester and in Nassau.

For details on how to get an absentee ballot application and relevant deadlines click here.

2021 Will be a Big Year

The PSC is developing our New York City elections program where we have a strong voice in supporting the best candidates for PSC and CUNY for every position from citywide elected offices to borough presidents to council members. Want to learn more about joining these efforts? Reach out to Tiffany ([email protected]) or Bettina ([email protected]) in the legislative department.

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