Get Involved

The real power—and the life—of the union is in the chapters. Contact your chapter chair, find out when the next meeting is and attend. Don’t hold back from offering your ideas or experience; volunteer for a task force or a committee. Taking an active role in your chapter introduces you to colleagues from other departments and allows you to influence policies that will make a difference in your own working life.

Some of the changes with the most immediate impact on our lives occur through campaigns waged by the chapters. Chapters have won assistance with childcare, computer lounges for adjuncts, increased released time for faculty, safety improvements in labs and classrooms, and other improvements in working conditions. Union chapters have also organized to change the culture on their campuses: they have held teach-ins about the history of CUNY funding, mounted exhibits about struggles for academic freedom, formed coalitions with students to challenge military recruiters on campus, and held forums on race and racism in higher education.

Click here for a directory of chapter chairs.